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There’s so much in store

Our name says it all:  Natural.

Helping you care for your equine friend inside and out in a kinder, gentler and more sustainable way.

In our fast paced, overstimulated world it is very easy to get caught up in the marketing hype - 'we have this million dollar product that contains this chemical nobody has ever heard of and we make all these amazing claims about it!' so we buy it and discover the hyped million-dollar product doesn't work.  Let's get back to nature, it provides us with everything we need if only we know where to look.

The Natural Horse Co strives to bring you the best quality Australian & International products that have been produced using the most natural ingredients available.  Every product in this store has been created using the freshest natural ingredients; in order to maintain that freshness we make regular, smaller orders with our suppliers to ensure you receive only the best.

The team at The Natural Horse Co knows that every product counts  and strives to make the entire shopping experience as easy and rewarding as possible. Check out our store and range of products and get in touch with questions or requests. We are happy to help!


The Natural Horse Co All Natural Horse Care Products
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